Us Elections, Nov 2004

Its all over for now
And perhaps, for the next four years to come!
Months of hard work has come
to an end all of a sudden.
Whatev'r the outcome, it was great!
The people have given their verdict
as to who should lead the country
once again!
And this is how Democracy works;
A deep divide exists howev'r
amongst the voters today;
There can be just one victor;
The other concedes defeat.
It is time to unite;
It is time to heal;
It is time to understand the fact that
A few thousand voters can change
A nation's destiny!
The loser is NOT really a loser!
He had mustered almost half the votes;
He represents a colossal figure of hearts
That are still behind him
So, the victor should NOT gloat,
Nor revel or lose his head;
He was just lucky to stay ahead,
For, God was by his side.
Now is the time to think
And ponder why so many
Voted against him;
Now is the time to sink
The differences and work
For the common good of all.
There is no time to waste;
And one mustn't be in haste;
A nation has problems beset,
That have defied solutions yet.
Emotions will run high;
Many will simply cry;
For success that was nigh,
Eluded the other guy.
But this is how it works-
the people's mandate!
Forget the past mistakes;
Start afresh today;
There are problems galore;
And come will many more!
For now, the elections are o'er;
Heal the hearts that are sore!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 11-4-2004
Dedicated to the US President, George W. Bush,
Winner of the Nov 2004 US Presidential Elections

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Excellent! I wish I could write this well?