Us Military Cadence

One, two, three, four
Drop your body on the floor.
Push, push, make it hurt
You`ll be stronger and more alert.

Early mornings or late at night
We love to be on our PT site
Mountain climber and cross-country skier -
Now we understand their cruel meaning.

Three points safety check -
Squeeze the trigger and make it crack.
Move it with the purpose and do not run -
Four, three, two, one - we are always ready for more fun.

On the field MREs`re our favorite meal
To make them hot you gotta have special skills.
I`ll tell you once and tell you twice
For lunch and dinner we`ll have chicken and rice.

For dessert you`ll get CS in your nose
But those doors are still closed.
To get out you don`t have to say please
Just your name after you have sneezed.

No mercy we get from our DSs
In our hearts they have special places.
They taught us how to win every and each fight
Victory is the only word we gonna live by!

by Vladi Vostok

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Well depicted poem. Great write. Thanks for sharing.