Us Simt Mujh Ko Yar Ne Jane Nahin Diya

Poem By Munir Niazi

Comments about Us Simt Mujh Ko Yar Ne Jane Nahin Diya

As a tribute to Munir Niazi sb, here is the English translation for this poem. Just to clarify that no translation can reveal the real essence of the original, this translation too, is nowhere near what you get from the original. This is merely an attempt to give an idea of what it is to my friends, who don't speak Urdu. My friend never allowed me to follow that path Never allowed me entry to my beloved’s nirvana I needed some more time to think about you You, the time, never granted me that interval What’s the origin, which grove is this fragrance from? The winds never revealed it to me during my journey My pride stopped me from making futile desires It never allowed me to speak my heart to that sculp Munir! The period when one gets used to miseries My God never bestowed me with that art

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