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Poem By Alan Alexander Milne

What am I hoping to accomplish,
With my 'poetic' offerings?
That's a good question.
Maybe one day they will be used,
As blood transfusions.

'You are joking, right? '

Of course I am.
I meant heart transplants.
But then again,
Some of the 'stuff' I write...
Have lives of their own.
They may not want to be used,
To jump start somebody else's existence.

I must admit,
Some things written do seem to have lives...
All their own.'

That's true.
I have written some things to have people tell me,
I wrote as if I was looking inside their hearts.
They had not a clue,
I knew that already.
Most writers to be admired have that ability.

I will admit...
I do wish to have my 'work',
Flowing through the veins of people.

'You are such a joker.'

I know.
Some have found me to be,
Quite hysterical.

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Amen! u will for sure :)