Used Heart For Sale

There is an organ
That keeps you alive,
It enables us to
Play, laugh, and cry.

It pounds when we run,
Sighs when we fall in love,
Breaks when we get hurt,
We’ve had it since birth.

We need it to live,
Though we give it
Away on a whim.
Then when it breaks,
We wonder why we
Gave it away in the first place.

Some are bigger than others
Never intentionally hurting another.
But others can be cruel
And not caring a bit,
It makes you wonder,
Where in life do I fit?

Though they say they would never hurt you
The only thing left is to give up on them too
Someday finding the strength to move
On to a new fairy tale
And letting the whole world know
That you have a used heart for sale.

by Kristi Wilkinson

Comments (2)

how we serve it in a platter to see it break...good, kristi.
LOL you managed to put a smile on my face. I rate it a perfect 10.