How many times do I need to be told?
He doesn't want me, just what I can give
How many lies, to my ears they are old.
Is this really how he expects me to live?
Without believing a word I follow along
He'll tell me the truth I know it he will
He takes what he wanted and now he is gone
The truth I have now is lonely and still
The taste of him lingers upon stupid lips
His smell on my skin from one sided passion
Why do I wish only for just one more kiss?
But all I receive is an empty rejection
No more times will I need to be told
He wanted, he took and that I now know
No more lies will I have to unfold
This time it's over, this time I'll go.

by Betty Ashe

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strong voice in this one, Jane. it shows courage amidst the penetrating disappointment. Sus.