^^In too deep
The pressure hurts your ears
You made it home
You’ve let me go

Thought I meant something
Maybe much more than I do
I thought I might have mattered
Of course I’m selfish
You know that you are too

What happened to your laughter?
When did it start to fade?
What happened to our hopes and dreams?
Just a lie? A wild string of fantasies?
To share with only me?

I love you still (I always have)
I’m racked with guilt, I am to blame.
“Of course you aren’t” I ask you then
Why do I feel, why would I feel
So hollow, empty, angry, bruised?

How can I go on? I know I’m not enough
What’s the point in living with nothing left to save?
“There’s hope” they lie, I hate myself.
I can do nothing, only bring pain.

by Lexi Smith

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