(still working on it! / Chicago Illinois)


Do you find yourself admiring, the people that spend their time,
Pressing out each cent they earn,
Yet never themselves' have a dime?

Then there are those of them that seem to us,
Its' just one BIG oyster stew.
But what they aren't showing dear,
Is that other side to you.

Their families' and lives in turmoil,
Their jobs' are taking its' tole.
The condition of their walk with God,
Has an impact on their soul.

So when you're thinking that you're not usefull,
And in a useless kind of state.
Remember where your soul is now,
And thank God of where it aint!

by Linda Winchell

Comments (3)

great deep thoughts and nicely penned... best wishes, ency bearis
The last two lines are so whimsical, I love the way they finish the poem.: -)
Wow! I love it! You really make the reader think,