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Useless Facts
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Useless Facts

Give me a pen
and I will write a thousand poems
with selfish meanings
Give me a pencil
and I will write five hundred
on account of the eraser
But this is really not what I want to do
I want to tear these words from the dictionary
limb for limb and write just one that will make you all
kick and scream
Maybe then you will wonder
who is this alien that they have breed
My mind is filled with the same useless facts
as my neighbors and my neighbors
have sent their kids off to learn the same useless facts
Why, why, why do we do this
We are on the brink of a world war
and all we can do is learn the same useless facts
Why not learn useful facts
like how this whole thing happened
We send a depressed man to be psychoanalyzed
but why can't our country be psychoanalyzed
The problem comes from the past
and we better fix it before it is lost

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Good message. Nice poem. Sincerely, Mary