Useless Fellows


None can control to stop me to say!
That, I never got success when I used to pray! !
Why wasting time in mantra then?
Whatever happens will happen! !

By birth I am equipped with humanity!
Mad people made the system, insanity! !
Therefore, they have been doing corruptions!
Minds are trained to do offence without option! !

What good those smart people did?
What kind of evil science they studied? ?
With big mouths with scientific religions!
No effort to lower endangeringpopulations! !

Good for nothing with medicine practice!
With practice of religion, leading to vice! !
No cure for gangrene, diabetes, cancer!
Why God when we don't get any answer? ?

Why time wasting and making us nervous!
Almighty has to know what bothering us! !
Those scientists, politicians and religious faces!
For own high salary and professional images! !

Let's mind to learn to live and so, go to school!
Their prayers and mantra never made successful! !
Stay away from wrong orders of freaks and hurry!
They waste your life to believe them, compulsory! !

by Chan Mongol

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