i really hate it when you said you loved me
i was fool that i believe that you said you need me
you let me believe that you will always take care and protect me

i give you all that i have and everything that you need
and then i realized you used me for it
now its may repay back time you try to hide and i cant find
where you are now

hiding somewhere in the midst of dawn
cant believe after all the things ive done
this is what you left me

you told me that you will repay me back
once i give the 3000 bucks
i sold my books so that you can used

for our future that i dreamed that i long with you
now nothing happen
i went back in the phillipines to prove that
i can stand on my own you pleaded and asking for 2000 more

do you think im still dumb to believe on your lies
then forget coz im not your mom
im not your parent that can give you everythin you want
im not your surgar mommy that can give you a toy

your just my toy that i played before and you will always be the whore that i slept before
so shut up and give my money back
or else im gonna kick your bully ass

you wanted me back and try to win me back
and asking for a second chance that has been past

by janeth tumbaga

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