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Using Instincts Of A Survivor
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Using Instincts Of A Survivor

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Someone self declared to be a genius,
Can be compared to a tree anyone sees.
But there are those wishing to convince,
With it to believe...
A path they walked upon,
Had been done using instincts of a survivor...
Through a forest thick with brush,
And discarded debris 'normally' impossible...
For others to achieve to succeed it done.
Giving them the right to know all about life.
With its ups and downs and obstacles found,
To eliminate in the face of danger.

'You had a tough life.'

~Tell me about it.
While other kids were bussed to private schools,
I had to walk a few blocks to go to a public one.
And I remember the days when I got up late,
Trying to find the right excuses to make...
To teachers who would not accept them.~

I can't imagine.
You had to have been traumatized? '

~I was.
Everyday I lived in fear.
Fighting against all odds,
To get those A's and B's.~

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Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this peom with us. As we fight against the odds of life. E.K.L.