Using The Hurt

Poem By Janice M Pickett

There was a time when I hurt a lot
Things were so painful for me
Through those times I nearly gave up
but I found a way to be free

I used those memories to show me the way
How to handle things with a new point of view
To use the experience as a learning tool
that way I was sure to get through

From that moment on, my life turned around
with no regrets from my past holding me
I felt so much better and happiness came
I was different and my heart was set free

I forgave every trouble and strife that had been
and I thanked God for giving me a test
I felt his answer when I started to pray
and from then on I gave it my best

Now I thank God as soon as I rise
I practice not taking things on
and that technique works amazingly well
you see all my troubles have gone

So whenever you feel life getting you down
and troubles are too much to bare
just think about the journey that you have to take
and know that you can stop things right there

By knowing it is your journey that day
and all you need do, is see it through
when it is over shut it out of your life
it's a lesson that's meant to teach you

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