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Using The Media
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Using The Media

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

They blame and accuse,
To have victimized...
The ones they have historically abused,
To have disparaged with lies.
And disenfranchised throughout their lives.
Stole from them resources.
To say, 'Go Back To Where You Came From'.
Founders of racism, division and conflict.
Leechers and destroyers of peace.
Hypocrites and demons of evil.
Want and have a need to depict themselves,
As saints and saviors of the World.
Using the media.
As a weapon to deceive reality.
To then have elected leaders,
Announce to those unconscious to believe...
They represent angels sent from 'Heaven'.
Although monsters like these,
Could have only been rejected from Hell.
And told to find other places,
Where their disgusting evils...
Had more of a chance to be accepted.
And this they have done to do,

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