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Using Up Some Valuable Time
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Using Up Some Valuable Time

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It may be true.
There is two sides to a coin.
You don't understand...
I'm not asking you to flip it over.
I don't want to see the other side of it.
I have no interest.
What I've seen is enough.
And anything on the other side of that...
Needs to leave this one sided.

And I leave not curious at all.
When I expect someone to be upfront with me...
I only want to see one side.
The honest side!
All this 'two-sides-to-every-story' nonsense...
May work in Hollywood, Disneyland
Or any shopping mall!
While you were collecting from me,
My benefits of doubt?
You were using up some valuable time!
Not mine!

'Who' led you to believe,
I was that stupid?
Because I was 'there' for you...
Did not mean I was there to be used,
By you or played!
And that story you've been telling,
Needed new chapters added a long time ago.

I'm just speeding up the ending for the both of us.
I've decided I did not want to see repeated episodes,
This season.
Nor am I going to feel nostalgic,
Reviewing them with you either!

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