Usual Day

Morning broken by reality's fist
swollen faces, frowning mouths
greet that first glorious ray from the sun.

scornful eyes, twitching lips
so much hate for one another with never seizing passion
brother and sister no more
torn apart by pride and envy
mother and daughter no more
taken apart by unlived expectations

humanity a fragment of yesteryear
volcanic love erupts into a hate tsunami
consuming eveything along its way
creating discontent on the face of every being

raging oceans greet each other with vengful waves
battling for peace which so easily eludes them
peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace all around,
peace just a thought of a mind that slumbers.

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

Comments (2)

A bitter but true actuality of life. A very well worded poem with vast and deep meanings and realities. Really good one, Elizabeth. Please keep on writing such mature and beautiful poems.......10/10. Best wishes Naseer
A bit of Yeats' 'Second Coming' here Elizabeth. Nice work.10