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Upon The Hill And Grove At Bill-Borow
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Upon The Hill And Grove At Bill-Borow

Poem By Andrew Marvell

No matter what others may think of me,
I am here for you.
And if I did not mention them,
You would not know they exist.
Not in the way I do.
With them I have had it; I am finished!

You are on my priority list to assist.
And they are scavengers seeking to leech.
With the feeding of nonsense kept in reach.
Hoping to devour someone's time.
To usurp and stay a fixture on their nerves.
And with their minds to use and torment as they wish.

'Use syrup and stay makes absolutely no sense.'

Do worry about it.
This exchange of dialogue is apparently not for you.
But thank you for being here for the practice of it!
You have proven,
That eye contact does not necessarily mean absorption.

'And I thank you for underestimating my intelligence.'

No problem.
You are most deserving.
Aside from that,
I've got your back.
And I do mean that sincerely.
We need each other.

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