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Usurping Intentions
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Usurping Intentions

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It is said...
Liberty is a powerful tool.
Does one with 'liberty' give them the right
To use this tool to tighten the bolts to strangle and mame
Diverse cultures in the name of gain to defame
With irresponsibility that sustains ignorance?
Or squeeze freedoms and resources...
From an inherited birthright overnight,
In a sweep of lockstepped indifference!
As bold as their stolen lifestyles will allow,
From borrowed truths and traditions.
To bow the heads of those in such dreaded circumstances?
Followed by supporters of gluttonous greed,
Dancing with unshamed reverence.

If 'liberty' feeds one that right...
Then the fight to defend against it,
Should be upheld as well.
To quell these leeches who decay in betrayed lawlessness.
By any means necessary,
Come what may!
If it should mean a living hell can not thusly be avoided.
An upheaval!
A confrontation of evils inflicted and enforced!
Divorced from notions of peace and brotherhood misunderstood,
And argued without solutions.
This...at the cost to live as one so chooses!
Refusing the abuse of being used by strategic cruelty!

No more will these tempers lay contained.
Unleash them!
Especially when those who profess doctrines of 'liberty'...
Are corrupt with usurping intentions,
They alone are challeging to remain to dictate and command!
Let them fall by their own blinded blood stained hands!

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