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Ut Film School
VJ (7-23-80 / San Antonio, Texas)

Ut Film School

People speak so readily
on their films I'd opt to see
faster in a garbage bin
than on the TV screen again.

*I* would purport artestry
only if I'd gained it
not on some dumb dumpy short
that never could attain it.

I'm a UT film-school-student
but, caution, darling, I'll be prudent
in telling you my aspirations
were not sparked by admiration.

More, they're moved by noting failure
cultivated all around me
- praised, applauded, given discourse
ample to astound me.

I hope that - once I'm gone from here -
and people ask some day -
what I think of the film program
I'll remember what to say -

If you want an education
and to be filled up with elation
about all things on celluloid
UT is one place to avoid.

If you want to stock and store
and simultaneously to adore
cinematic form and theory
- UT would only make you weary.

(your eyes would tear, your heart embitter
by all the 'avant garde' tripe littered
around this town as on a platter
- being lauded, plugged, and flattered) .

I will ascend and overcome
- and you'll do best to save your praise
for, truly, every cheer you utter
spins poor Hitchcock in his grave.

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