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Twin Soul

I sit here just to wait for you.
Wouldn't believe the anguish I go through.
Miles and miles away, you are.
The distance hurts, much too far.

You say one day we'll be together.
That day seems to be never.
Love you too much, could never leave you.
But still everyday, don't know what to do.

To hear your voice, I only long for you more.
So I cut my wrist and collapse to the floor.
Blood flows, I put my lacerations in my mouth,
Then I start to think and I have no doubt.

You are me.
I am you.
Now what are we to do?
You love me.
I love you.
I guess I'll continue to wait for you.

Sex is friction, impure and simple.
But with you and me, it's different.
Never want this to end, so it never will.
Everything I need you seem to fulfill.

Even when you are here, you are gone anyway.
For you, the pain and loneliness is my pay.
When I'm not with you, the time I abhor.
When I exist with you, the time, I need more.

Sometimes it's all too much, so I fall asleep,
But then my dreams are much too deep.
So I awake, unhappy, immensely alone,
Depressed, ugly, and cold to the bone.

I sit up and start pulling out my hair.
Why do I do this? It gets me nowhere.
Once again, I let the razor kiss my skin.
Smiles and shoves, kisses and hugs; how it begins.

You are me.
I am you.
Now I know what we are to do.
You love me.
I love you.
I know I'll continue to wait for you.

Love so pure, it could never be wrong.
Our souls piece together. With you, I belong.
You and me and the devil makes three.
Tainted, but we are all free.

Kind of fanciful in a sick kind of way.
Come on, baby, let's go out and play.
Don't worry, our hearts might fray,
But forever with you I will stay.
Wrote in my home.
Finished on 3-3-2009.

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Rudyard Kipling


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