Utopia, Mom

I'm so satisfied here, Mom
Don't worry over me
It's a utopian world
And my soul has been set free

You couldn't imagine the peace
You couldn't imagine the love
It's inscrutable on earth
Of the emotions above

It's serene, and I love it
I made a new beat
I'll show it to you someday, Mom
The next time we meet

But don't rush life along
Around corners don't pry
Just sit back and relax
For you can see me in the sky

On beautiful days
Everywhere I'll be found
Through the clouds I will come
I'll be all around

On desolate days
I'll be right there as well
Haven't you seen all my tears
In the rain that just fell?

I'm distressed that for now
I can't be with you
But I have the privilege to watch over
I'm your guardian angel now, in lieu

See, up here
I can watch you all day
As I chill out in my room
As my music plays away

I had to leave, Mom
I hate to admit
That I love spiritual freedom
My soul must never sit
A catharsis is what has come about
This is to say the least
Let me tell you of this cleansing
How my soul has had a feast

Absolute freedom
Released from tension, for a start
Purgation complemented by a spiritual renewal
Purification of emotions, through my art

I'm a shinning star now
I converse with illuminati all day
As I scroll through my memories:
About you, I have so much to say

How do I tell them?
How do I make them understand…
That I've been blessed with the best mother conceivable
To always hold my hand?

No one could imagine
Such an angel on earth
But I've found it in you
You possess exponential worth

My respect for you, Mom
Grows by the hour
Thank you for your friendship, your love, and your guidance
And most of all for teaching peace's power.

I've got to be going now
I'm looking out for you in every way
Just know that I'm happy, and that I love you
And that I want you to have the most magnificent Mother's Day.

by Heather Ashley

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