D (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

Utopia Whispered Fugue In The Thunder

Delirium, summoned by charming flesh,
A mannequin which wolves would love a-fresh.

Succinct and regal, reckoned by a kiss,
The sweet success of my nymphette in bliss.

An aching of a heart, and worlds dissolve,
From that which made crystal springs revolve.

With silken breaths and allure Heaven-scent,
I ask for which God was this angel meant?

A chrysalis of sanitized delight,
Which bore me away on wings through the night.

A final glimpse as the world turns all black,
Seeing perfect hymns suffer not my track.

The melodious sigh upon the air,
Which wracked my form and plunged me to despair.

With a molten song of desolation,
Drifting ever still into temptation.

And now I fear her luminosity,
Which captured me, is passed in sad ditty.

And near the dark borders of a spent life,
Looking up, a smile to all but my strife.

Burning clasps of torment gripping me tight,
I bled that one day the hurt would alight.

And when occult magic died in the rain,
I died when those nightmares did come again.


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