CA (08/11/1980 / Los Angeles, California)


Cat howls at the open door
Dog meows at the full moon
Human roars upon command
The writer declines a gin martini
The poet does not believe in love
The president does not want to go to war
The rain does not wash away all the blood which has been spilled
The earth does not devour every genocide
The dolphin catches Venus in tuna nets
The world gets AIDS
Mars is dying of colon cancer
The news reports nothing but good news
Socrates comes back to life as a horse's ass
Jesus can't remember his last name
The Mormons control the galaxy
The comedian gets a sense of humor
Hitler says that everyone makes mistakes
Sunsets are blue
I am dead
The nuclear bombs all blow themselves up
All Americans leave America
All Italians stay in Italy
Bukowskiism is the new religion. Don't worry it's only a fad.
Gravity is in fact, only a theory
I am a homosexual, that is a fact
waiting, waiting, waiting,

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