yo its V-day no way i'll say what u want to hear
its only my fear thats keeps me here.
hearts and arrows it all narrows down to nothing
no love in this world your mom and dad were just
bluffin when they said they loved you.
yo no love on V-day not here to stay
my life is full of the darkest shades of grey
no way for the light to get to my world
always seem to get into a fight i see
pink red and white cuz its V-day.
man this is not my style while i see your
pretty smile live my life in denial
while i see soo many people loving and laughing
while im sitting and rapping hugging and kissing
no body missin me but gonna be so great just you all wait
see me on TV every body has to leave me
cuz its V-day.

by lee bredeson

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