V-Day: Part 3

Poem By Stephanie Smith

A few days have passed since that night
What happened to us, it wasn't a fight.
Actually, no, I think it's much worse..
Writing these words, they seem like a curse.

On V-Day I broke your heart
Oh my gosh, where do I start?
You found out he liked me, not you.
From now on I would make your life blue.

I didn't do it on purpose, of course
How can I explain? I'll scream till I'm hoarse.
But still you wont understand what I'm going through.
Because I just realised I wrecked your life for you.

On Valentine's Day,2007 the year
Your heart was broken, you cried many a tear.
But it wasn't a guy that broke you heart,
No, it was Steph, the poison love dart.

Comments about V-Day: Part 3

Steph come on your not a poison love dart! It's not your fault that a guy loves you and not your cousin. She'll get over it. Great set of poems though.

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