( / Cebu City, Philippines)

Vagabond Kids

Did you ever look into their eyes
And wondered why
They come begging for a dime
To stay alive
Not only for their own
But for all of their kin
Who may be doing the same

Did you ever look into their eyes
To see the anguish they feel inside
The pain of hunger and life bitterness
The story behind their faces
Each face a different story
Of torture, beatings and deceit
A day without food, a night under some shady trees

Did you ever wonder why
You still see them there
Day after day, night after night
In same routine, in same clothes
Same hunger, same hurting eyes
Knocking on car windows
Asking for pity to ease their blues

I wonder how I could help
In little things that I could make
Many programs and projects the government has made
Yet you still see them there, these kids on the streets

Did you ever stop and listen to their cries
When you ask them to tell you why
They are not in schools and your heart will tear apart
To learn how your drinks and cigarettes
Could have made them walk that extra mile

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