JVO (february 14,1973 / manila)

Vagabond’s Wisdom

as i tread the dust-filled road
i met a vagabond with a load
'be still, take a rest, ' i said
for the day is long ahead

we walked together weary and worn
our bodies panting, our feet, torn
i am exasperated, no doubt
but him? he's ready for another bout

i decided to stop for this i thought
the road ahead filled with distraught
yet the vagabond still went on
overcoming the length to call upon

we arrived at the place, we parted ways
at first i thought this is just one of those days
but then i realized as i reached my destination
he accompanied me despite my protestation

a parting shot i told him
'you are a sage, ' without any whim
but then he smiled 'old chap, you amuse me
am just a vagabond, on that we agree.

by joseph vincent orlanda

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odd grammatical structure, but good prose-poetry i like it :)