Vain Imagination

Evolution deceived a generation with nothing more than imagination.
Man's bogus claims of this senility make his science pure futility.
Life is too complex is what they whine, so there must be a design.
They hit the nail on the head but chose to believe that God is dead.
Their heart says God's behind it all but they just continue to fall.

Their empty theory of deception, has always been Satan's intention.
Clutching onto this theory of evolution is a problem not a solution.
Evolution as a forgone conclusion is just part of Satan's delusion.
We hear what they believe and say only to hear it change day by day.
In The Bible they will find, God is not a man who changes His mind.

This theory is but one-century-old, so how can the fools be so bold?
Yes, fools I say with a nod, for only the fool says there is no God.
In The Bible they could read, and see He's an Awesome God is indeed.
It's been here thousands of years, and only The Bible has no peers.
The fact of creation is plain to see but they choose to be deceived.

God doesn't need any proof, by creation alone they're without excuse.
Man just does what he pleases while ignoring The Lord Christ Jesus.
They can't go on ignoring Jesus, for He alone was sent to redeem us.
Not only is creation evident, but the Creator himself is benevolent.
He showed His love at one event, when to the cross His Son He sent.

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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