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Vale Ruben

Ruben could clearly speak directly to your heart
Amazing really that unspoken tie that bound without utterance
Your heart to him, and He to you.
For those 14 years can be an eternity... until it ends

And now the ache of loss and the fear of forgetting?
Rushes like a tide and washes oe'r us
BUT it is in our memory that his legacy and memorial exist.
All those things he 'said' and all those 'promises' he made.
How now are they to be fulfilled?

In his image another pup will step forward
If not in your home and hands and hearth
Then in your memory and heart... a young Ruben
To be cherished and remembered for who and what He is.

Just as you always knew him before time stood still
Ruben spoke directly to your heart
And it is there in your heart's cherished crevasses
That you will find him still,
Honour his promise to love you forever!

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