Poem Hunter
KH Kate Hamilton (27.09.1983 / )


Hers are the eyes,
ardent blue and guardian bright.
Disregarding darkness
she watched
as I lay,
unaware of night.

Upon hearing her name my heart leaps
and my stomach turns.
I wince.

No one else got to me, I swear
not in the same way.
Never before.
Never since.

Hers is the body that yearned
and yielded
every fundamental atom.
Hers also was the mind, the latent sea
I couldn't fathom.

Hers was the profound obsession;
my heart and soul in her possession,
that wistfully took hold.

She became the bottle from which I drink.
At first the smallest, cautious sip,
then further into her I sink.

She was my muse,
inspiring cynic.
My most beloved abuser.

She was the one, as they say.
She was the one that got away.

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Always said that you had a talent hun and it appears as usual I was right. :)