A Cloud Of Rain

A dark cloud of rain
drifted into my life
And for some time,
I felt good, happy...
I no longer felt lonely.

I thought life would go on happily
In one long, long stretch of time...
But when the cold, harsh
winds of change started blowing,
The cloud of rain
had to drift away...

Life is still going on
In one long, long stretch of time...
I am not lonely.
I can't say I am sad or unhappy.
But you have left a void
That would take me
a long, long time to fill.

by Jasbir Chatterjee

Comments (6)

Some would question the nature of Wylie's heart as well as question if she had one. She had a string of marriages that she closed the door to by running off with married men and letting the pieces fall where they may- -left her first child behind her.
But I shall keep it sweet By some strange art; Wild honey I shall eat When I eat my heart. very strong passion and great love with eagerness. Very expressive poem.
Every aspect of the poem like rhyme, flow and meaning is simply superb and it is a delight to read it. Thanks for sharing.
Hey where's my comment?
I especially like that it's about valentine, very good.
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