Valentine Love Song


Cover me with your beauty sublime;
Stain upon my heart the dying echo of love.
Plant in my bosom the eternal seed of hope
And I'll reap a harvest of fulfilment.

Ignite upon the window of my heart
The everlasting fires of hope and liberty.
Permit my ear to hear, the rippling chords
Of the melody of your love song.

A love song sung in dire earnest
As in unison both hearts quietly beat.
Hide me under the wings of your passion
And I'll rest in contentment forevermore.

Comments about Valentine Love Song

Your diction is a complete delight. Very powerfully and movingly penned. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
Extremely beautiful love poem with a spirit of celebration. Loved reading this poem. Thanks for sharing. I would like to quote: Plant in my bosom the eternal seed of hope And I'll reap a harvest of fulfilment.
Thanx guys for all the beautiful comments.
Thanx guys for all the wonderful comments.
Fantastically beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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