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Valentine Lullaby.

Valentine Lullaby.

Hush, valentine lullaby,
Cry not when others use words that cut like a knife.
Hush, valentine lullaby.
For every dream is destined to be yours,
Silver clouds and sunshine sweet,
A path stretches out before you,
Can you see it…. Look, there.
Hush, valentine lullaby, hush.

Look, a harbor lay ahead!
There for you is our ship with sails tall and grand.
And made of the purest gold.
Come, valentine lullaby, come with me now.
The breeze is ours to catch,
Our time has come…time has come….
Hush, Valentine Lullaby., hush.

But wait?
I see an island too.
It is your island…
Paradise has at last been found.
A proud and noble land,
Where grace and beauty shall forever reside.
Do you not know the name of this island?
Why, my valentine lullaby... It is you!

Written by Jack E Blennim,
for my wife, Rosie.2005.

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