LKA (18 February 1990 / )


This is a day to exchange hearts
dripping with fountains of your love
embroidered with roses and smiles,
filled to the brim with adoration
and devotion.

This is a day of holding hands
and tight hugs, warm bodies
instead of cold and lonely,
a day of standing together
in a heart shape showing
the world our affection.

This is a day for kisses (even
the chocolate kind) and candy,
saccharine at the roof of your mouth,
a day of indulging your sweet tooth
and small cups of espresso
to soften down sugary smiles.

This is a day of being together,
gripping hearts and pressing
fingers together in a blood oath
of forever, a day of dance
and happiness like wind chimes
in a strong breeze, like dreamcatchers
circling overhead.

This is a day of love.
Today is not that day.

by Laala Kashef Alghata

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