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Valentine's Day Gifts
HP Half Past (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

roses are red
violets are blue
tulips are dead
candies half-chewed
petals on bed are brown and curled
vase is broken after having been hurled
dinner and a movie such a waste of time
the heart was the feast so bloody divine
jewelry and diamonds all strewn about
trying to inflate a love that wasn't quite stout
cards with sweet nothings written in red ink
candles burned down in heavy perfumed stink
balloons popped or slowing drifting away
crushed velvet and silk garments on sickly display
white wine slowly soaking carpeted floor
hate filled pictures of us pinned to the door
letters and love notes ripped and torn
broken love is fleeting the heart so forlorn
melted chocolates and thorns are all that remain
one last gift to give you out of total disdain
two fingers in air with rage i will say
go off and die! ! ! ! ! !
and have a not so happy valentine's day

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