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A Promise
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A Promise

Poem By Sandra Feldman

I. 'If drunk on wine...'

If drunk on wine
I'd feel just fine
And have no clouded head,
But how my mind
Would twist and wind
If I were in love instead!

II. 'If friend's connection...'

If friend’s connection
Brings affection,
Then why do lovers have we?
That through their eyes,
Free of all lies,
Our spirit’s face we see.

III. 'If time is short...'

If time is short,
Why do we sport
When choosing for our heart?
That in this race,
Sometimes the chase
Will carry its own art.

IV. 'It is no chance...'

It is no chance
That we should glance
Into our lover’s eyes,
For love is held
By bonds we weld
Through smiles and through sighs.

V. 'Oh maids of dress...'

Oh maids of dress,
Why try impress
The men with silk and pearls?
For powdered face
Can’t match the grace
Of joy within the girls!

VI. 'If men were wise...'

If men were wise
We’d loose all ties
That bind the fairer sex,
But since any fight
Brings men delight,
Our women we keep to vex.

VII. 'Men may be swine...'

Men may be swine
Who just drink wine
(Or so we have been famed) ,
But we male beasts
With hearty feasts
Can quite easily be tamed!

VIII. 'It's true a flirt...'

It’s true a flirt
Does no one hurt,
But it may lead to rue:
If you are fake
Men may mistake
Your flirtation to be true.

IX. 'If love is naught...'

If love is naught
But presents bought,
Then what will give it worth?
For flowers wilt
And gold brings guilt
And gems will bring no mirth.

X. 'Why do we feel...'

Why do we feel
This inner zeal
That sets our hearts to burn?
How does this mesh
Of bones and flesh
Know what it means to yearn?

XI. 'How we do seem...'

How we do seem
To walk a dream
When love becomes our fate!
So why does cheer
Bring maidens fear
When it comes time to date?

XII. 'Oh how our ire...'

Oh how our ire
Burns like a fire
And makes our manner tart!
But love is soft
And held aloft
By gentleness of heart.

XIII. 'Through love we find...'

Through love we find
Peace in our mind
That heals our darkened soul;
When love is gone,
Don’t tarry – move on –
And you will be made whole.

XIV. 'When love anews...'

When love anews,
Whence comes the muse
That fills our hearts with spring?
Did Cupid’s reign
Just wax and wane
Or is he still love’s king?

XV. 'When we are blessed...'

When we are blessed,
Our moods attest
To sweetness from above:
But when despair
Does fill the air,
Find comfort in your love.

XVI. 'Is Love's ideal...'

Is Love’s ideal
A thing that’s real,
Or is it just a fable?
Yet love’s more true
Than all we do,
More lasting than we’re able.

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these were great! Thanks for sharing
great lines...: D well done...: D: D: D