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Valentines Day Is Here Again

Valentines day is here again
My feelings are not the same as it was then
My mother Mamoni was my first love
So pretty, like an angel from above
Now she is gone to hereafter
Left her love with me I will cherish it forever.
Dad followed her not so long ago
He helped me to grow up, taught me whatever I know
Around the bend a lady came Neela was her name
She loved me gave me all the joy, fun and game
Then Rosey my wife came along
Filled my life with rainbow and song
One day she too took off without saying good bye
She used to tell me I will love you until I die
My daughter Meme filled the void after Rosey passed on
She was my play mate, we would play all day from crack of dawn.
Valentines day is here again but all love ones gone no one to love
Memories that's all I have now, waiting for the call from above.

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