Valentines Poem Of Silence

Poem By Bradley Lester

In my heart I keep

the sparkle of your eyes, the tender warmth of your smile
the small tilt of your head, the simple gestures of caring
the delicate curves of your soft body, the playful sound of your laughter
the warm gentle calmness of your voice, the appreciation of my thoughfulness
the feminine touch of pleasures, the kind way you accepted me
the giving of your body and mind, the gentleness you showed me how to love again
the wonderful way you made me feel. the kindness that you willingly gave
the sighs and moans of ecstasy, the listening ear of understanding
and the dream of holding you close, caring for you, protecting you
and loving you,

in another world though, I often think

where hopes and dreams are kept within, where aching hearts beat silently alone
where tears will fall and no-one will see, where thoughts of happiness cannot be shared
Where emptiness becomes your only friend, where loneliness embraces you in discomfort
where hands reached out will never be touched, where warm embraces will never be felt
where sadness becomes the norm of every day, where feelings of love will always be trapped
where cries of pleading will never be heard, where feelings of love will never be shown

and where valentines day is just a moment in time a passing of hope and a wishful thought
Please be my valentine in your heart, cos you are in mine today my love

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Your poem made my heart melt away! Beautiful lines!

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