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Valiant Soldiers
LCB ( / Greensboro, North Carolina)

Valiant Soldiers

Battleground's an aura of what was and could be again,
a reminder to you and me.
Touching the tall old trees
I sensed they were calling out to me,
an atmosphere of memories.
Awareness, emotion, compassion, sympathy,
all rolled into my memory. Serenity now encircles me.
Oh if they could speak, what stories they would tell,
of times not so long ago, of people who fought and fell,
so that we could be free to keep our liberty.
It's a time and place of the past, our gratitude must forever last.
Appreciate the ones who fought and lost their lives,
they made a tremendous sacrifice.
Always keep them in your heart, remembering their important part.
Your life would not be as it is today, if not for the people of yesterday.
Soldiers dying for you and me to keep us safe from our enemies,
courageous and brave, they had a right to be afraid,
guarded emotions and vivid memories remain.
Lost lives, land mines, physically battered, firefight, shots, mortar,
trenches, insects, rations, tears, anger, victory, death,
horrifying memories that won't let the mind rest, imprinted for all time.
What a sacrifice to make, they fought and many died for our sake.
Humankind is like no other, would you die for another?
Homeland of the free and the brave,
liberty and honor is the only way.
Shower all in glory, go out and tell their story!
Always keep their memory alive
and never forget the ones who fought and died.
Give them praise. Be appreciative always.

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