YS (03/09/72 / bronx, new york)

(valid Questions Of The World)

Pictures and frames that gets you thinking
remembering what you did that day
was it good enough to remember?
or was is bad enough to forget it ever happened
what did it really ment for you back then
would you relive it or would you let it pass you by
questions not answers is what is always in your mind
for life is full of questions that sometimes you cant think
you cant changed the past but if you would be giving the chance
would you?
we all would love a change but reality is, we cant change the past
we can only choose to change the future
and let the memory rise free of this world
as the feather falls a spirit will flow
not giving us the answer to life.

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Thought provoking. Each of us must seek answers, respond with our answer/s. We only have an instant in which to choose. That instant so suddenly becomes the past. What can we do about the future? It is not already here. And when it is here it is already the past. What control do we have about the memories of us that will be left behind such as this poem or these my comments. At, least we have left the mark of our personalities. Ben
i really like'd this one alot....but sumtimes you cant even change your future