Valley Of Desolation

Traveling along the road long
Wearied, tired by travel lone
I came across a land unseen where
Neither soul smiled nor cherished

Unruly sorrow smeared on the faces
Joy swept clean off their sullen, saddened
By some anarchic chasm, devouring their
Merriness in a manner inquisitive.
Bewildered by all this, I mustered some
courage and asked the locals, 'Why are you
People so gloomy, gone is all chinks of even
A smallest shot of mirth from your faces?
'We are cursed! ' returned one of the man
In the manner harsh, further he intoned
'Lost is our hope for we committed a sin
That cost us our fortune, We did injustice
upon this land, as a result one man cursed us
To remain in state of gloom forever.
Since then we always sob, Wishing
We had done things right....'

Last sigh was a point, never thought
Clearly, A town stricken by curse
Injustice prevailed there, what followed
Then astounded me
Disciples of Inequity rule the world
A smaller land done for this crime?
Surely Lord's retribution is swift
Never doubt its tenacity, however
Dubious it may sound to
People who never believe in its truth

by Mr. M Jamal

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Lovely narrative poem, well articulated and insightfully penned with conviction. A nice piece of poetry depicting the devastating effects of Karma. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.