Valley Of The Flowers

Yonder in the forest where the brook runs blue,
Is the fragrant land of flowers of every shade and hue.

The peaceful pond that beckons and shimmers in the sun,
With all the frogs in concert when the day is done.

In this shady valley where scented breezes blow,
A land of waltzing flowers is dancing to and fro.

Where butterflies are flitting and bees are buzzing 'round,
And hummingbirds are humming, it's a pleasant sound.

Those happy days of summer beneath those branchy bowers,
This peaceful place of beauty in the valley of the flowers.

Where waterbirds are swimming and song birds sing all day,
It fills your heart with gladness and makes you feel so gay.

There really is no other place that I'd rather be,
And feel the summer sun a-beating down on me.

In this land of bluebirds, all of this and more,
Where the rolling ripples kiss the sandy shore.

by Carroll R. Buffum Sr.

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