Valley Of Vision


the 'Valley of Vision' - the plains of derision
has caught my eye - ripping out my bossom
lay captive my heart - tethering claws
captured my wandering mind - releasing nether the vagabond

your cup sends me reeling - tumbling venom drenched
a haughty tower trembling - quivering the night cold
never again to be rebuilt - ever awash on the shore

two men once hung from a tree - condemnation rife
the one cursed his life upon himself - excluded realities
the other condemned eternally - for him accursed vindication

neither the valley nor in the plain - hope prescribe
did the eye cast its mark - vision bright become
felled by projectile true - delight, darkened demise
a day no one can rue - smite the wanderlust of hope


by Frederick Kesner

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I enjoy reading this poem. Good job