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Poem By Kumarmani Mahakul

Value in life is most important
Any person without value is swine
Lead life with value and vitality
Under value we can go on morality
Extinction of it no moral society is possible.

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you can argue however that to have 'value' or respect for life you first have to take pleasure in life and some unfortunate people are born to suffer so as much as I appreciate your sentiment, perhaps in mother natures gifts, mother nature also gifts suffering and pain and that's sad.....
Vitality! ! ! Thanks for sharing.
Value is what life is about, its not about competition who is the best nor who is the richest but the value of life as its own because life has no price to pay, or to defeat it is about award to someone and we are someone who should use it with the real value we have...but it just unseen I agree with you Sir...there is no meaningful life is its losing its value!
Great philosophy and a practical guide for a purposeful life full of spiritual strength and moral values. Thanks a lot, Kumarmani ji, for sharing such a beautiful poem.