Valued Entertainment

A disputing one's accomplishments,
To diminish the existence of it...
Does not change the facts,
Of them being documented as proof.
And makes a difference,
From those making attempts to convince,
Embellishments delivered are just as worthy...
To receive a perceived notoriety one claims!
With others entertained and left to believe.

'What on 'Earth' are those people seeking? '

~More created trash to cover up,
Unsubstantiated dirt they have spread on others...
To validate the existence of it.~

The doing of this proves what? '

~A keeping of their kept delusions have been true.
Fools have a way of relentlessly digging their own pits.
For their own satisfaction from it they get.
With excuses made to produce,
That have left them addicted to alibis.~

Aren't their excuses made to produce alibis just 'lies'? '

~Of course they are just lies.
But they thrive on getting the attention.
No matter how corrupted their intentions mentioned.
Even though the act of it reveals them to be mentally sick.
To eventually end a valued entertainment,
Others received by them doing it.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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