Valued Hypocrisies

Bigotry, intolerance and racism does exist.
And those among the self righteous,
Adorned with valued hypocrisies...
Can not bring themselves to admit,
Generations practicing this are still afflicted.
Diminishing a light that dims attempting to shine,
Brighter in a darkness many offended wish to defend...
As that light spreads and begins to descend.

Unfortunate it is that the ones who sit,
Defining political correctness to confine their ignorance...
Struggle on a daily basis,
Refusing to face and admit to themselves...
Administering conflicts and divisions to implement,
Is a reflection of a mindset...
Disconnected from a consciousness,
That has adapted to a lack of common sense.

Valued hypocrisies prioritized and embraced,
Grows and chokes fresh air from those environments...
Where such activities are condoned and take place.
To eventually provide no escape of a self hatred to avoid.
But today seems more celebrated by a mindlessness enjoyed.
Even those who apologize are crucified and destroyed.

There are those who could not stand any taller.
But it is what it is, baby.
Ya'll should know that.
The higher one climbs the more are the set traps.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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