Vampire Love

He pokes her, she pokes him back
she tickles him, He tickles her back
He tickles her better, she laughs really, really hard. She bites him really, really hard. He blinks then screams, and then writhes in pain.
She kisses his neck really slowly where she bit him at. They love one another.
He blinks again. He yells 'VAMPIRE'
She bites him really hard, harder then last time. He starts to bleed even more. I can see the fire going threw his vains. It burns and he yells. He yells stop it even tho he wants more and more of it. But she still loves him. The biting of her is turning him on like no other. His soft frail skin against her sharp whiten tooth that almost looks as if it's a shark tooth. She falls fast asleep on his once nice warm skin that is now cold like the ice in the antarctic. He yells at her for sleeping on him. She sleeps even harder. He bites her really, really hard. She wakes up and slaps his face. She starts to bleed from her cold neck. He starts to drink her blood. He tells himself to calm down. He takes in 3 huge deep breaths and lets them out, One by one. She starts to lick him.. He starts yelling out in laughter.'Stop licking me'. She says no. He sits there and blinks for a minute. He goes and pokes her. She slaps him, and tells him to quit poking her. He starts to poke her super awesomely. and rapidly. She starts to get a headache from her days events. He rubs her temples. But he still loves her.

By Tyler Tillett

by Tyler Tillett

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woah that is too cute. i like it. but try to not make it so sentence like, if you know what I mean. but very well written i like it alot.