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Vampire Night

The hunger is roaring,
Deep in my stomach,
It is calling for the drink,
That mortals calls blood.

I look in the mirror,
But it shows no face,
Only pictures on my wall,
Of my former victims.

The moon is full,
And the night is dark,
The stars calls to me,
A call of longing and love.

I feel the fangs,
In my mouth comes out,
Ready to hunt,
Ready to kill.

I fly out of the window,
In shape of a bat,
On leathery wings,
I travel on the sky.

A single house,
I finds on my way,
The window is open,
How easy could it be?

Inside I flies,
And lands on the bed,
A lonely man,
Is laying there.

I shift in shape,
Now I am me again,
“good bye little mortal”,
I whispers to him.

I lower my head,
And my fangs sinks,
Into his neck,
In a vampire kiss.

He doesn’t wake up,
Doesn’t feel any pain,
The life leaves him slowly,
And is given to me.

A take a picture,
From his wall,
Just the kind,
I was looking for.

I holds the picture,
And shifts my shape,
As a bat in the night,
I leaves again.

The sun is rising,
It is time to go,
I finds my way home,
And closes my door.

I puts up the picture,
On my crowded wall,
Number five this week,
And more to come.

I locks all windows,
And also my door,
I goes to my bedroom,
Whit the coffin on the floor.

I opens the coffin,
And lays down there,
Just another day,
In my half dead life.

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Comments (3)

i love the picture idea, very original, well done. i love all things vampiric.....what is it about vampires that we all find so facinating? maybe it touches on a part of humanity that we dare not go to! best wishes x
I like the image of the pictures hanging on the vampire's wall. Great job with this......
Once again, chilling poem about vampire.