Vampire, Slave, Human

With a smile they can turn;
The sweetest of innocence.
The light becomes dark,
With one single kiss.

Did they choose what they are?
Did we reject that they were?
What we can't see,
We are afraid of.

Worps reality.
Anything can be changed.
Takes your time, close your mind, keep sane.

Freewill just a word.
When it comes to the Bind.
One a slave;
Thee other a master.

To kill, to change,
Or to become a slave.
Either way,
There's no escape.

But there's one!
Always different.
Freedom in its blood.
Can't change, can't control, only kill.

Blood so sweet,
They always keep on coming.
Have a bit, have a taste, feel the power!
That the keeper takes.

Beating in that heart.
Going thought those veins.
The power of freedom!
The power of strength!

There's no word to describe.
The power of this one.
The secret to that evening.
Only takes one step.

Blood is power.
Love is Hate.
Deceit is knowledge.
Will is desecrated.

One is a vampire.
One is a slave.
One is a human.
So what can be blamed.

There’s only one name;
That can fit that alter.
So simple, yet forgotten.
The keepers passion.


by Miki Simmons

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such interesting words a vampire a new are you the slave to could it be true nice insane poem