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Vampiric Tendencies
JM Jessi Miller (12-27-90 / Duncan)

Vampiric Tendencies

Twas the hour before midnight
I was about to taste fresh blood
I closed my eyes thinking
It would sweep over my tongue like crimson flood

The bittersweet salty taste
A warm sensation flowing down my throat
Heading towards the front door
Stepping out, putting on my coat

The moon was full enough
To see shadows on the ground
The sounds of night were
Swirling in the air all around

Needing, wanting, tasteing fresh blood
I found my first victim of the night
As I went to drink I looked
In his eyes startled by the light

He struggled, but I held
He wouldn't get away
I'd ben without fresh blood
For two weeks and a day

My fangs penetrated his skin
Warm blood oozed in my mouth
Just then my ears pricked
Something stirred in the south

I dropped his limp body
And headed towards the sound
Deep in the forest standing
With trees all around

I tried to crawl away
The pain was blinding
Vines wrapped around my legs
Me they were binding

I couldn't stand up
Hopefully I would make it home
I didn't want to die here
I didn't want to die alone

Rain began pouring down
Hard, beating upon my back
Everything was spinning fast
Then it just went black

Now I'm a ghost haunting the woods
Don't go out alone
Always bring friends
Or you'll never make it home

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